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"This is my way to heal, I invite you to heal together."


During my first years experimenting with a camera I enjoyed taking pictures of my girlfriends the most. I would prepare a concept and a space and ask them to interact with different elements and themselves. After the sessions I always perceived a difference in the way that they came in and out of the session, a transformation took place at some level of their beings. I could feel them uplifted, expanded, more confident and now I’d say empowered.

After this realization I decided to put on the table the fact that if we are going to take pictures, there is going to be a transformation. Very naturally I started creating this spaces for self-exploration, self-love, connection and sisterhood. A playground to explore whatever she is and whatever is moving within in a safe container. 

I consider the act of portraying someone as sacred. Taking care of the vulnerability of the person exposing herself to you is an act of love, turst and care rooted in the awareness of the humanness that we both share. I believe that we all deserve to be seen and to feel worthy of being photographed, of being offer the space to see and feel our own perfection and beauty

In the sessions photography is both the medium and the excuse for the woman to be herself, so that we can capture her in her more pure state, in her essence, while witnessing her taking her space in the world, a space sometimes completely unknown. At the end, the pictures will be a reminder of a healing journey.

And while we allow ourselves to be what we are, we allow others to do so. And with the pictures we create together a new imagery of how being a woman in this times really looks like.



“Mariana's work is a piece of art in itself. To claim it as photoshoot would never give justice to what she creates with her work. Mariana has the gift to capture you in your true essence. Your very own nature. Her pictures show a part of you that you might long have forgotten. She has the capability to create a magical space where the soul can unfold. A space where you meet and experience yourself in your essence. With all your darkness and all your light. Its life changing. Its pure beauty. And there is no words to describe how powerful, how beautiful, how deep her work is! I love everything about it!"

Alexandra Wennmacher

"La sesión con Mariana fue un bálsamo para todos los sentidos. Era la primera vez que me permitía ser vista, que me atrevía a mostrarme tal como soy, sin máscara ni disfraz. Ella me hizo sentir en casa y su mirada dulce y amorosa me animó a conectar con el juego, con lo espontáneo y natural, con mi lado sensual y salvaje a la vez que tierno y sensible. Fue todo un viaje y lo recuerdo con mucho cariño, me sirvió para seguir avanzando en mi camino de autoconocimiento, de descubrirme más y más y no tener miedo a enseñarlo al mundo. Fue un autoregalo, una sesión de mimos increíble; me llevó de vuelta a mí misma, a amarme y honrarme con mi TODO, con mis más y mis menos, mi luz y mi oscuridad. Le estaré eternamente agradecida por generar ese espacio tan cuidado y mi deseo es que toda mujer tenga oportunidad de ponerse al frente de su cámara".

Déborah Brime

"The photo session with Mariana was incredible. I don’t think photo session is even the right word. It is so much more. So much deeper. It is a journey. A journey through all the layers you allow yourself to surface and live in front of the camera. It is a transformation process. And she captures the whole essence of this process. She has an eye for detail and magic and you can see this in every photo. When she showed me the photos I couldn’t stop marveling at them. It was a journey through many facets of myself and it felt as if we had done 5 instead of only one photo shoot. From my heart I can highly recommend embarking on this magical empowering journey with her."

Patricia Grimaldi



"I recently had a photoshop session with Mariana and what a wonderful experience. Mariana has a calming energy, she is great at holding space for you, she listens deeply and makes you feel at home. During the session Mariana guided me to connect with my inner child, so we talked, laughed, played and explored self expression through photography. I found the whole process rather creative, playful and liberating, a form of healing if you ask me! Throughout this process, she managed to capture beautiful photographs that truly reflects my inner child essence. What a gift!"

Lally Molina



"I've never done a proper photoshoot before and when Mariana told me that she works with women, and are giving those "empowering" photoshoots, I didn't hesitate for a second! Very fast, I felt comfortable and in a space of trust with Mariana, she opened that door of playfulness, and time completely disappeared. It felt like a journey, where I went through and incarnate different archetypes and aspects of myself, and being seen in that was truly powerful. The pictures ended up so beautiful and gave me confidence about my womanhood and power. I could see what I'm usually not able to see. Very humble and deep. I'm super grateful for the work that women like Mariana are doing, supporting women to see themselves in their essence."

Marie Poulio

"Mariana es capaz de crear un espacio donde realmente poder relajarte y estar presente. Un espacio donde fluir y sentir, sin preocuparse por cómo quedará la foto en sí. Pues el objetivo en estas sesiones no es el resultado estético (aunque acaben siendo las fotos más preciosas que probablemente tengas jamás). También serán las fotos más auténticas y más "tú" que poseas y recuerdes con una sonrisa trasladandote a ese momento tan especial cada vez que las mires. Disfruté mucho dejándome sentir, disfrutando de mi esencia. Gracias Mariana por regalarme esta experiencia y por tener un recuerdo tan bonito para siempre de mi cuerpo albergando vida por segunda vez".

María Pérez

"Mariana no es una fotógrafa cualquiera, su inmensa sensibilidad y dulzura se hace tangible a través de la lente, su forma de capturar la belleza y la luz de las personas y los espacios es mágica y exquisita. Ha sido un placer explorar y descubrir mi lado más femenino con este proyecto tan bonito en el que jugamos y compartimos un espacio de intimidad y hermandad. Gracias Mariana por capturarlo con tu delicadeza y por acompañarme con sutileza en el descubrimiento de nuestra naturaleza femenina y poderosa".

Rosa Griñó

"Mariana is an artist! She captures the moment authentically and through her unique perspective, which is sensitive and openminded. It is quite the experience to be in front of her camera, it feels both natural and special at the same time, as she has a relaxed and playful way in supporting you to unfold. I am super happy for the equally gorgeous and real images she has made of me and am very grateful for this intimate and fun experience."

Kanika Frings


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