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Venezuela - Spain

When looking back, I'm more and more aware of how photography has been my way to meet myself and to heal.

Little I knew about this when I was gifted my first digital camera by one of my sisters at the age of 17, and started creating spaces for my girlfriends to portrait them, and each other, in different clothing and locations, playing and exploring ourselves while supporting and uplifting each other in the process.

I'm in awe to realize how which seemed to be a playfull thing was nonetheless the beggining of an inner journey and the seed of my work. An inner journey of self-healing, creativity and freedom. An inner journey to explore my own perception of the world. An inner journey to become more human, with myself and others. And last but no least, an inner journey of self-love, by accepting my own gift and putting it out there. I believe that allowing myself to be very much what I'm here to be is my biggest act of love.

Now I can say that to humbly embrace my uniqueness and essence is my way to say yes to life, to step into my power and to take my space in life.

Today, I'm able to combine my spiritual and artistic interests in my work. I don't only offer photography and video sessions, I hold spaces for people to safely be and meet themselves. This deeply fulfills my longing to serve and to create with purpose.

Thank you for being here.



Photography and Filmmaking

Art Therapy | Women Empowerment | Self-Love | Being


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